” The commercialization of art, the absence of pause, the lack of slowness and the depersonalization of the work are the poetic axes of the installa- tion. “

Manuel Baldassare

Starting from a poetic impulse of revenge against the frenzy, the deperson- alization and the commodification of a prefabricated or pre-made art, the artistic project “Rianimation Art” is above all a message of hope.

Submerged both by a sound and visual environment, the spectator enters into a “non-place and a non-time” where art is dying. First, we experience the sound with the Eden 742 installation that accom- panies the intervention. As though suspended by uncertainty, a succession of alternative and synthetic sounds reveal a vague shadow of optimism, a desire to awaken.

Transported by this auditory perception, the viewer finds himself in the middle of a hospital hallway. Framed and hung on the walls, fluorescent drips hang down and let slowly escape some chemical colors drops on the floor which is covered by white canvas. The frames recall the supremacy of mass production; the flow of colors evokes that of time. Extracts from the Fransceca Anzalone’s article


Manuel baldassare Capreolus capreolus Chloè Jourdan

L'ultima cena

An interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, Ultima Cena is an ob- scure representation of the Western World featuring 13 dolls. Jesus, as a deprived spectator of an assembly which is subject to all the extremes, all the perversities. Changing installation that evolves with our world in loss of meaning.